Chapter Two: Class of Purple One

A bright flash blinded Eko as he felt wind rush around him. It was almost as if he was falling through the air. When his eyesight began to settle he was not in his room anymore. He was standing opposite a giant mansion looking building with MN written on the front. Students were walking all over the place, groups of students sat on the grass next to the massive wooden door that looked like a door into a castle. Everyone was dressed differently but they all had a pointed star on their clothes just in different colours and numbers.

“I wonder if that strange man is inside somewhere?” Eko wondered as he walked towards the giant wooden door.

Walking through the door, Eko felt almost intimidated by its sheer scale. As he walked inside, it seemed even bigger. There was red carpet covering the cold stone floor, a fountain in the middle of the room. To each side of the fountain was long hallways of what looked like classrooms and at the back behind the fountain there were stairs on either side that must lead to even more rooms.

“Wow, It’s so big. I don’t even know where to look for this guy.” Eko said as he walked to wards the fountain.

Continuing to walk and looking up at the ceiling that was so high you could fit his house stacked at least 4 times inside. Eko bumped into someone while looking up. It was a girl, she had medium length golden hair and striking purple eyes. Her hair was tied back with a black ribbon. She Stood there in a long purple coat that fanned out near the bottom like a cape with leather boots. Eko thought she looked like a pirate. She even had what looked like a bo staff on her back.  


“I’m so sorry, I wasn’t looking.” Eko said apologetically.

“That’s okay, it’s my first day here. I was looking up at the ceiling to” she laughed as she responded.  “You seem a little lost.” she continued.

“I am lost, It’s my first day and I’m not sure where to go.” Eko said looking around “It’s so big here.”

Pointing at my star she said “Haha, your star tells you what class you’re in. Seeing as yours is purple and has a one on it. You’ll be in class Purple One.” Turning to point down a long looking corridor. “I believe their classroom is that way.”  

“You’re a lifesaver, Thank you! My names Eko Ignes by the way.”

“Lilly” She responded. “Nice to meet you, you better get going, class starts soon.” with that she started to walk away.

Walking towards where she pointed. It was a corridor behind the fountain, in between the stairs at the back. The doors had plaques above them in different colours, each one had a gold number etched into the colour.

Looking on the right side “There’s red ten, nine.” looking to the other side “There’s purple ten, nine. It must be at the end.” Walking to the end, on the left was a purple plaque with one written on it.

“This must be it.” as he went to grab the door knob.

A shout game from inside “QUIET! Please. Class is about to start!”

Opening the door and walking in, the room fell silent. All eyes turned to Eko at the door.

“You must be Eko, Correct? I’m Luther Linka, Just call me Luther. I’ll be your teacher for this year. Come in, Introduce yourself and take a seat.”

“O..Okay” As Eko stood at the front “I’m Eko Ignes, pleased to meet you all.” Eko proceeded towards the only available seats near the back. Sitting in the middle seat next to two free seats on his left and right Eko could feel a presence coming from the seat on the right, as a bi-product of his power he could sense people around him in a small area. Just as Eko was getting a note book out of his bag a person appeared in the seat to his right.

“H…Hi, S..sorryyy if I startled you.” the person said as if he was scared of Eko.

“It’s okay, I knew you were there, I’m Eko nice to meet you.” Eko Responded.

“Oh..Oh really? I.. I’m.. Calli, I can use my power to go invisible. Nice to meet you.”

Before Eko could respond the door opened and the girl he saw earlier, Lilly. Walked into the room.

“I think this is the right room!” She said.

“We’ve been expecting you Lilly, I’m Luther Linka. Introduce yourself and we can start class.” Luther said.

Walking to the front with a bounce “Hi, I’m Lilly! I don’t know my last name but nice to meet you all!”

Lilly walked to the back of the room noticing Eko and taking a seat next to him.

“Hey! We’re in the same class. How exciting!”

“Hey, what a coincidence! how…” Eko was cut short by the teacher.

“Okay class! Now that everyone is here, I apologise to the two new people but we’re planning to have a practical ability test today. You missed last week which was theory so you’ll have to catch up on that at some point but for today we want to test your skills.”

Ekos heart sank and he began to go pale, he knew he’d have to face his fear to achieve his dream. Just not on his first day! Eko’s biggest fear, his own power.

“I’ve written numbers 1-12 on pieces of paper, I’ll quickly hand them out now. Remember your number and don’t tell anyone just yet.” After handing out the papers Luther walked towards the door before turning around and saying “Follow me.”

The class followed the teach just outside the door before he stops and looks at the stone wall to the left of the class before placing his palm on the wall. With a giant click sound as if a lock had been released the wall melted in front of us. The classes eyes seemed to open in awe of what just happend.

“Come on class lets not dilly dally.” Luther sharply said.

Following the teacher down this new hallway which seemed like it hadn’t seen a clean in years, cobwebs all over the walls before reaching the end. A massive steel door lies in front of them, steel bolts as big as Ekos hand and a gold stripe down the centre.

“Stand back class” Luther said. “Now, we are about to test you. You’ll all be taking the same test. However we have made modifications for some people whose abilities may differ.” He continued.

Taking a squatting position and pushing his palms towards the door. The door slowly began to open.

“Class, Welcome. To the testing grounds.”


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