Eko could feel the rush of wind beneath his feet as he jumped from rooftop to rooftop high above the cities cobble floors, up here he was far away from the hustle and bustle of the markets below. The crackle of the roof tiles as he lands heading towards his favourite spot. The echoing shouts from venders whaling throughout the streets below.

“Fresh tomatoes here! Lowest price in Janlyn.” a shopkeeper yelled.

Janlyn, the capital of Akinta. It could be called the city that never sleeps, there’s always something going on along the winding cobble streets next to the stone houses, it is a beautiful place. The lampposts have lights strung between them giving off a warm orange glow at night to the surrounding areas. The tall stone houses towering over the roads with small bushes and flowers that sway in the wind from windows. By day the streets are filled with market stalls. It’s hard to hear anything over all the shouting but by night all you can here are the local crickets scratching their legs together. Although mostly peaceful, all is not as it seems in this peaceful city.

This world is a hostile place outside most villages and towns. Bandits, monsters, undiscovered lands and dangers. According to most maps  seventy five percent of the world is unexplored. But although the world maybe hostile the world has given people hope, about fifty percent of the population are born with extraordinary abilities from the small ability of exemplary hearing to the exceedingly inhuman strength. Most people go day by day living normally but for those who have abilities a new world is open to them, most use their abilities to accelerate in jobs some for a much darker purpose.

The Fayhall, a big company that deals with distributing jobs and dealing with any threats to civilians, normally calling upon the Pathfinders. People who dedicate their lives to exploring new land, dealing with threats and solving crimes. The job is not for the faint hearted, many Pathfinders die within their first year or two of gaining the title through lack of experience. It’s a job that requires a strong will and heart, not only because of the exploration but the threats and dangers that come with it. It’s a dream job for many with powers but a job that’s not easy to fill.

As the wind brushed past Ekos face and hair, he sat down on the edge of a roof overlooking the vast forest from the edge of town, a mixture of green, orange and purple trees could be seen. He was just in time to see the sunset come down past the mountains in the distance turning the sky a blood orange colour. It was always a sight to behold and was Ekos favorite spot to sit to get away from his busy job of delivering papers to the locals. As he munched down onto his favourite treat a chocolate filled donut, life seemed slow down. As he continued to stare off into the sunset he began to dream of what it must be like outside the walls of the city, a bubbly feeling in his stomach began to overtake him with the excitement of what could be out there.

“One day.” he mumbled to himself “I’ll do it, I’ll make enough money from my job. Pay my way into school and take the Pathfinders exam! I’ll be the greatest adventurer ever!”

But little did Eko know, someone was listening into his little mumble. A strange looking man was standing on the edge of a balcony below where Eko was sat. Wearing a long black coat that covered his entire body with black hat, face hidden. Not even his arms could be seen.

A quiet “Hmm” could be heard from the mysterious man.

“Who’s there?” Eko asked as he turned.

But no one was there, the man was gone.

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